LEAN-01: Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment

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TRAINING 1: Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment

Hoshin Kanri process (a.k.a. Policy Deployment or Hoshin Planning)  is a powerful strategy deployment methodology for defining long-range key entity objectives. These are breakthrough objectives that extend two to five years with little change. In addition, the Hoshin Kanri process does not lose sight of the day-to-day business measures required to run the business successfully. This dual approach provides an extended period of time for the organization to focus its breakthrough effort, and at the same time, continuously improving key business processes day to day. This methodology continues to be used by some of the world's most successful companies such as Toyota, Hewlett-Packard and Texas Instruments.

Benefits ​

  • ​Focuses the entire company on a few vital goals, rather than the trivial many

  • Creates alignment towards breakthrough objectives through involvement of the whole management team in the planning process

  • Communicates the key goals to all managers and staff

  • Integrates and encourages cross-functional cooperation to achieve breakthroughs

  • A review process which holds participants accountable for achieving their part of the plan

DURATION: 3 DAY Training