SoftExpert İş Mükemmelliği Paketi

Yönetim Sistemlerinde Dünyada 2000' den Fazla Referans 

"DeKalb Metal Finishing was able to conquer the process approach, as required in ISO/TS 16949, through the use of SoftExpert's BPM Solution. Not only did this solution allow us to easily map our processes, but it was essential in allowing us to understand how our business was working, and where the inefficiencies were. This solution has allowed us to reduce costs for both our organization and for our customers, through the continual improvement derived from its use."

Paul Fry – Manager
Dekalb Metal Finishing – USA

"We have achieved improved dependability as well as standardization in our processes to assure measurement consistency and the required monitoring to verify conformity in our products. This adds enhanced safety and quality to our customers."

Eng. Claudimar Faria - SPC 
Technical Support

"The SoftExpert solution for calibration management guarantees the correct and orderly management of instruments and calibrations, offers a mechanism for notifying users of pending items and the deadlines for completing required activities, ensures structured data management, allows for the definition of specific responsibilities per user and guarantees the secure and efficient completion of the MSA studies."

Stefano Toscano
Quality Manager of Marceglaglia – Forlì Plant (Italy)

"SoftExpert manages ISO standardization documentation to facilitate compliance, as well as all other document types. The system provides great distribution copy control, approval, revision, printed copies, and document retrieval search capabilities. Currently, there are over 1,100 users and 3,500 registered documents."

Carla Regina Schmitt 
Universal Leaf Tabacos

"The document management system allowed us to save approximately 70% on paper and printing costs, as well as 5% in terms of the work hours of those people involved with the signing, photocopying and distribution of documents."

Rosario Romaní
BPM/ISO Manager at Infarmasa


"Considering the importance and excellence of the activities falling under the company's responsibility, CAMMESA decided to install a Quality Management System and earn the ISO 9001 certifications. The SoftExpert system offered us a way to effectively manage SGI and ensured adequate document controls for maintaining the certifications."

Roberto Gaido
Quality Auditor 
CAMMESA – Companhia Admininstradora do Mercado Atacadista Elétrico S.A., Argentina (non-profit company that operates under the norms established by Argentina's National Energy Department).

"The SoftExpert maintenance solution permits automatic data searches and management, allowing the operator to access information via the Internet and, consequently, automating the manufacturing process. We were able to reduce indicator collection errors, ensuring access to reliable and secure data that improves all levels of process control. Improving the control of preventive maintenance and its implementation reduces the rate of non-scheduled maintenance, allowing us to extend the equipment production time."

Miguel Lameiro
Diatosta Maintenance Director


"At Tortuga, the SoftExpert solution is used in the Memory Center, where it streamlined the document search process. The searches were previously performed manually or with the help of spreadsheets. With the option of searching for the documents in the system document search guide by entering the name of the requested article, we save approximately 30 minutes per search. SE ECM/GED Suite optimized our activities, since it displays the document with a summary. This met our needs for simple searches and allowed us to physically locate the document using the dynamics of a library program, in addition to subdividing the document registration per category, facilitating the filters. The SoftExpert system is a low cost, user-friendly program with a top-of-the-line support service."

Rodrigo Souza Sabará

"SoftExpert Solution completely meets our document control requirements, facilitates retrieval, and manages the entire document revision process."

Janaina Salatti
Quality Supervisor
Roullier Ltda

"SoftExpert solution has streamlined data sharing for our quality system and contributed in reducing impacts on the environment through doing away with the need for storing piles of original paper documents and dead files for audit purposes."

Solange Amaral 
Human Resource Analyst
Midea Carrier

"SoftExpert solution has provided the means to streamline our document control, through excellent drilldown options for searching and registering documents, a systematic workflow tool for sending pending tasks to system users, as well as really cutting down on the need for printed copies."

Ângela Fischer
CTA - Continental Tobaccos 
Alliance S/A

"The system facilitates and speeds up activities, and was considered highly suitable for the renewal of ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001."

Cristina Pereira
Technology Manager

Algodonera Avellaneda S.A.

"The CPM solution is helping us define the strategy based on company analyses, and it allows us to fulfill our objectives of measuring performance based on goals while monitoring the evolution of activities. Through the EQM solution, we perfected the controls necessary for maintaining the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications, making our operations more practical and meeting deadlines for management in general. The reduced use of paper also improved our results from an environmental perspective and accelerated document management."

Engineer Lino Degiusti – SGI Administrator
Algodonera Avellaneda S.A. – Company belonging to the Vicentin S.A.I.C. Group

"The ease of access to information boosts the company's productivity and helps us maintain process compliance with norms and regulations."

Alcidez Martinez
Quality and Logistics Manager at Rafaela Alimentos


"The SoftExpert solution proved to be a valuable support tool for the documentation management system at Compagas, serving for both the physical and electronic archive as well as for document procedures. Among the benefits generated were the improved control and security, faster recovery, reduced costs with printing, less time spent on searches, streamlined organizational processes and faster decision making."

Sérgio Carrarro


"Online access to wherever we offer services ensures us speedy responses, through reliable and updated information, which, in turn, facilitates decision making and customer satisfaction."

José Andrade 
Opetrec Manager