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Testimonial - Coreworx Inc.

"It is our pleasure to congratulate Skelta on being chosen as one of 3 Finalists for the 2010 Microsoft Office Business Application Partner of the Year award. This is a great honor that shows their high level of commitment to their industry and their customers."

Bob Castle
VP Operations & CIO
Roland DGA


"Congratulations to the 2010 Partner Award finalists for delivering such creative and superior Microsoft solutions and services," said Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Corp. "It's incredible to see the level of expertise our partners continue to exhibit as they create and deliver innovative solutions and services to grow their businesses, meet customer needs, and drive down costs." 

Allison Watson,
Corporate Vice President,
Worldwide Partner Group,
Microsoft Corp.

"After researching the market place for more than a year, CSSI feels that Skelta is the leading product in terms of agility, scalability, robustness and ease of deployment."

Jeff Creighton,
VP Operations,


"Skelta helped us automate our people driven processes. Skelta's BPM for human-centric automated process management provided us with a smart, scalable solution for all transactional content. Skelta's anytime, anywhere, access via its multiple channels has simplified our business operations turnaround time dramatically."

Kiran Acharya,
Program Managers,

"Everything seems to be going perfectly with the Automated Performance Evaluation Process. I am getting copied in on all notifications, and the approval process is running smoothly. We are also getting nice feedback from the users. Great job! Thank you!"

- Sue Grove,
Director, Human Resources,
Roland DGA Corp.


"Through Skelta's easy to use BPM workflow engine and Forms Designer, we were able to have business analysts design and implement workflows needing very little assistance from the IT department. As a result of these workflows, we were able to dramatically increase efficiency and provide significantly more accountability for a number of our internal administrative business processes."

Matt Donoghue,
IT Director,
Decisive Analytics

"Skelta's BPM solutions have greatly benefited us in achieving our operational effectiveness"

Sathya Kanth P V,
Sr. Manager Business Process
Velankani Information Systems


"Skelta BPM.NET helped us achieve ROI of 20% by identifying unmanaged process areas, automating and integrating them naturally in uncontrolled business situations largely affected by the global economic crisis existing today."

Astimen Fe,
MIS Manager,

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"The reason we chose Skelta over the other packages is because it is highly configurable, fully embeddable and based on the .NET framework and SQL Server, both of which we have used to build our own product as well."

Nigel Horncastle 
Business Development Manager
Diagonal Solutions

"Innovative Process Solutions provides business process solutions to regulated industries. Automating processes so that both records and the data they contain can be managed is a tall order. We sought an embedded solution with a thin-client designer and finally found one in Skelta's Workflow.NET that actually exceeded and continues to exceed our expectations. More importantly than the technology, we have found an OEM partner who sees our success as their own success and this positive relationship with Skelta has enabled us to move farther and faster in the marketplace with confidence."

Harold Engstrom
Innovative Process Solutions, Inc.


"DIS recently released a .NET version of our eDMS/Workflow product. One key piece of functionality that our customers required is Workflow. DIS researched many .NET workflow engines and determined that Skelta's workflow engine was the best in the market. By utilizing Skelta's workflow engine, DIS was able to imbed workflow into the eDMS/Workflow.NET product at a fraction of the development cost and time of building it ourselves. Since adding the Skelta Workflow engine to the eDMS/Workflow.NET product, our customers consistently comment on the flexibility, openness, and configurability of the Skelta Workflow engine."

Janine King
National Accounts Manager
Document Imaging Solutions, Inc.

"We examined a couple of workflow engines, including Teamplate. But what finally prompted us to decide in favor of Skelta Workflow.NET were two factors: one was the fact that it was built on the .NET Framework, and two, the price. In retrospect I believe we made the right choice as our experience of using your workflow engine in our internal business process optimization applications has shown that the product is well defined and, overall, delivers on all the performance parameters we were looking for."

David Smith
Business Systems Developer
PZ Cussons / UK


"Skelta has an excellent visual component that allows quick and easy design of workflows. It easily integrates other steps into the workflow process (ie, database stored procedures, script, etc.) I could tell it was written by experienced programmers who know what they are doing."

Greg Robinson
Marketspace Monitor Group

"We have 1.5 year experience with web services (or say -xml servers) based project. It's now clear, that it is important to have mature workflow support to orchestrate all connected apps."

Kamil Spacek
Algo s.r.o / Czech Republic


"Let me say that we were impressed with your product and if the decision was to take a 3rd party product then it would definitely be in our short list"

Mr.Loukis Petrides
Card Tech Limited / UK