Companies face increasingly daunting challenges when it comes to dealing with unprecedented information growth. As employees drive business to meet this challenge, they require products and technologies that facilitate an intuitive and collaborative electronic workplace that allows them to work together on projects, author documents and leverage business applications and processes. In order to achieve this goal, many have turned to Microsoft SharePoint to facilitate collaboration between internal teams as well as with partners and clients.

However, many companies deploy SharePoint in a decentralized fashion in order to meet departmental collaboration requirements. This means that these organizations must balance the equation, deploying enterprise-based solutions that accommodate the needs of corporate compliance and centralized IT, without compromising user productivity.

In short, organizations need to simultaneously extend Microsoft SharePoint to their user community in order to guarantee that content is accessible and fully leveraged for business advantage while ensuring that enterprise content is secure, centralized and managed in compliance with regulatory mandates.

This balance of collaboration and robust functionality is guaranteed by integrating Microsoft SharePoint with SoftExpert Excellence Suite [SE Suite]. This allows organizations to simplify how people work together across boundaries while leveraging the value of the existing investment.

Microsoft SharePoint users can search, retrieve, view and interact with the SE Suite documents, business processes, dashboards, indicator panels and collaboration spaces they need to perform their primary job responsibilities by using the SE SharePoint Connector Web parts. This integration leverages the user-friendly configurable Dashboard functionality of SoftExpert Excellence Suite, allowing users to create personalized widgets that serve as fast-access portlets to the essential platform components.

SE SharePoint Connector uses its Web Parts to plug these Dashboard widgets (portlets) into any SharePoint Web page. From enterprise document repository, workflow tasks and Business Intelligence views to performance indicator panels, users can view and access the content formats that best meet their needs.

SE SharePoint Connector, Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

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  • Microsoft SharePoint users can search, retrieve, view and interact with the SE Suite document repository;

  • Executes and controls business processes in a production environment, based on the SoftExpert Process Engine;

  • Monitors workflow execution progress and queues;
  • Provides business line managers with tools to analyze productivity, using an extensive set of BI capabilities;
  • Allows managers to select indicators or strategic elements based on real-time monitoring with different viewing options;
  • Delivers standard authentication methods to allow for a single sign-on experience;
  • Reduced training due to the use of standard Web browser interfaces;
  • Leverages the investments made by both SE Suite and Microsoft SharePoint users to consolidate these business solutions within a single interface;
  • Users can browse and manage content while accessing their workflow Inbox for task management activities;
  • Intuitive content manager navigation guarantees Microsoft SharePoint users fast document retrieval;
  • Provides a user-friendly configurable Dashboard;
  • Allows SharePoint users to create personalized widgets with support for RSS 2.0;
  • Users can define personalized settings for each Web part;
  • Eliminates redundant content through single instance archiving;
  • Web-based deployment makes enterprise information permanently accessible to users.

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