SE Performance

SE Performance is the foundational module of the SE CPM Suite. With comprehensive capabilities, including interactive scorecards, strategy maps, dashboards, and pre-built reports and views, SE Performance ties performance metrics and initiatives to strategic objectives. 

Most importantly, the tracking of initiatives, accountabilities, communications, and workflows enables SE Performance to manage business performance, not just measure it. It is a complete performance lifecycle. SE Performance can help you to define a methodology-neutral strategy and measure performance against goals, monitor progress on a regular basis, and communicate across your entire enterprise.


Based on three managerial levels – strategic, tactical, and operational - SE Performance provides a simple way to gain control over performance indicators from individual business units to the overall corporate management strategy.

Few people know what information is available, where to find it, and how to analyze it. SE Performance makes your reporting processes dynamic by sharing information among all relevant stakeholders, and presenting this information in an understandable format.

Comparing objectives to actual results is easy with SE Performance. It generates a variety of performance analysis views and reports, as well as managerial charts. With just one central database, all data and information are available to team managers for evaluation.

The concepts and features provided by the system assures complete compliance with such international regulations and standards as Balanced Scorecard [BSC], ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, SOX, ISO 20000 [ITIL], COBIT, Six Sigma, Malcolm Baldrige and others. 

Performance Management, Indicator Monitoring, Performance Evaluation, Action Plans and Initiative ExecutionSE Performance

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Strategy Map
Performans View


Planning & Mapping
  • Central repository for all metrics
  • Flexible framework for performance structure organizing (Balanced Scorecard, Malcolm Baldrige, others)
  • Link measures/KPIs to organizational strategy through objectives
  • Cascade from enterprise to personal scorecards
  • Online strategy map design
Measuring & Monitoring
  • Measure roll-up and calculation
  • Simple integration with underlying data sources
  • Define or choose your own consolidation formulas from a rich set of available functions,Easily upload data through Excel files
  • Measurement approvals and authorizations
Reporting & Analyzing
  • Allow attachments to any strategic item, including texts, spreadsheets, and web pages
  • Personalized Dashboard views for each user
  • Scoring and color coding of measures and objectives at all levels
  • Flexible charting engine that allows creation of almost any graph
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Workflows, communication, and collaboration