First developed for systems engineering, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, or FMEA, examines potential failures in products or processes. It helps improve designs for products and processes, resulting in greater reliability, better quality, increased safety, enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced costs. It can also be used to establish and optimize maintenance plans for repairable systems, as well as to contribute to control plans and other quality assurance procedures.



Effective FMEA requires a proactive approach. The ability to assign failure modes to all project processes and elements in tandem with assigning an accurate risk priority number is crucial. SoftExpert FMEA software is a reliable tool for improving products and processes, lowering the engineering workload, while also improving machines and availability of resources by identifying, analyzing, and improving high-risk components.

With SE FMEA managerial views, managers have access to the FMEA structure for each project/process, allowing them to extract reports and charts related to failure modes, effects and causes. Managers therefore have a naturally complete failure diagnosis, serving to support a well-based plan of action.

SoftExpert solution for FMEA continuously monitors failures identified in FMEA, by showing reports and charts with indicators such as seriousness and risk priority, which highlight causes considered to be priorities at each moment.

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Fmea Structure
Fmea Managament


  • Displays the hierarchy of the entire FMEA structure from the first level (product or process and its functions) down to the lowest levels (recommended actions) and automatically generates the FMEA form.
  • Contains catalogs of products and processes, functions, failure modes, effects, existing causes and controls, ensuring nomenclature standardization and agility to create FMEA.
  • Automatically calculates the risk priority number (RPN) and how critical level of points analyzed.
  • Stratification and ranking of failures for a single or set of FMEA using various spreadsheets and pareto, bar, pie, or area charts.
  • Automatically sends preventive and corrective actions to respective users.
  • Tracks action deadlines and notifies user responsible for FMEA in case of any delay.
  • Creates FMEA for either a single component or part or for a complete functional system.
  • Displays RPN through pareto analysis, area chart, and distribution graphs.
  • Visualization of FMEA data in the traditional worksheet format, in an intuitive hierarchical tree view, or in filtered lists.
  • Allows pre-defined text for descriptions of severity, occurrence and detection values according to organization.
  • Locates FMEA processes by any known information, such as product or process, period when executed, failure mode, effect, cause, control, client or supplier, and more.
  • Automatically stores FMEA processes for all revisions that have taken place and identifies all changes made in each revision.
  • Allows for attachment of the most varied electronic files to FMEA processes, such as texts, spreadsheets, drawings, diagrams.
  • Creates management reports with information about common failures in products and processes, volume and effectiveness of preventive/corrective actions, etc.
  • Single database for storage of all FMEA processes and their related data.
  • Imports and exports data to spreadsheets.
  • Multi-user system with configuration of access rights by user and individual password protection;
  • Generates FMEA forms with unlimited space for text entry and reserved spaces for additional comments about each field completed on the form. 

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