The underlying premise of enterprise risk management is that every entity exists to provide value for its stakeholders. All entities face uncertainties and the challenge for the management area is to determine how much uncertainty to accept as it strives to increase stakeholder value. Kurumsal Risk Yönetimi – Entegre Çerçeve.

The underlying premise of enterprise risk management is that every entity exists to provide value for its stakeholders. All entities face uncertainties and the challenge for the management area is to determine how much uncertainty to accept as it strives to increase stakeholder value.

Enterprise risk management consists of eight interrelated components. These are derived from the way the management runs an enterprise and are integrated with the management process. These components are:  

  • Internal Environment
  • Objective Setting
  • Event Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Response
  • Control Activities
  • Information and Communication
  • Monitoring


Value is maximized when the management establishes a strategy and objectives to strike an optimal balance between growth and return goals and related risks. Enterprise risk management encompasses the following points:

  • Aligning risk appetite and strategy
  • Enhancing risk response decisions
  • Reducing operational surprises and losses
  • Identifying and managing multiple and cross-enterprise risks
  • Seizing opportunities
  • Improving capital deployment

These capabilities inherent to enterprise risk management help the management achieve the entity’s optimal performance and profitability targets and prevent resource loss.

The Challenge

The main challenges associated with the COSO Standard are directly related to ERM program implementation. Common topics and challenges include:

  • Identifying executive sponsors for ERM
  • Establishing a common risk language or glossary
  • Describing the entity's risk appetite (i.e., risks it will and will not take)
  • Identifying and describing the risks in a "risk inventory"
  • Implementing a risk-ranking methodology to prioritize risks within and across functions
  • Establishing a risk committee and/or Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to coordinate certain activities of the risk functions
  • Establishing ownership for particular risks and responses
  • Demonstrating the cost-benefit of the risk management effort
  • Developing action plans to ensure that risks are appropriately managed
  • Developing consolidated reporting for various stakeholders
  • Monitoring the results of actions taken to mitigate risks
  • Ensuring efficient risk coverage by internal auditors, consulting teams and other evaluating entities

The SoftExpert Excellence Suite offers tools for the complete management of the organization’s risks in compliance with the COSO International Standard. All of this in a collaborative and integrated environment that guarantees the standardization and correct use of information to obtain excellence in risk management.

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The Solution

Each SoftExpert component addresses key compliance issues as shown below:

Module Requirements
      ​SE Action Plan
      SE Aksiyon  Planı
  • Helps organizations effectively coordinate and manage the entire workflow by maintaining team communication and improving collaboration through the centralized control of action plan and task planning, execution and monitoring, including corrective, preventive or predictive actions.
 SE Audit
SE Denetim
  • Programs audits, taking into consideration the scope, status and importance of the processes and/or areas to be audited.
  • Defines criteria, methods, responsibilities and requirements to be audited.
      SE İş Zekası
  • Provides status with standard one-click reports.
  • Creates custom reports.
  • Helps identify, collect and analyze appropriate data to demonstrate the suitability and effectiveness of the management system. 

SE Document 
        SE Doküman
  • Maintains the documentation generated during the COSO process – including risk management policy secure and centralized – so that it can be accessed by users and auditors practically anywhere.  
  • Automates forwarding, revision and approval, among other activities, boosting the team's efficiency.
  • Allows changes to be easily traced.
  • Provides external auditors the means to recover and locate documents easily and quickly, saving time.
  • Guarantees that the history of conformities, revisions, etc., is always available.
  • Guarantees that only the latest version of the document is used, avoiding the use of obsolete documents.
 SE Performance 
      SE Performans
  • Enables the company to actively monitor current performance against goals previously defined, and reports this performance to auditors and internal stakeholders in real time.
  • Reports easy, intuitive, and flexible key performance indicators.
  • Spreads information flowing down, across and up the entity.
  • Supports KRIs (Key Risk Indicators) and helps on the control activities functions.

SE Project 
         SE Proje
  • Guarantees that the projects to undergo risk evaluation are defined, planned and documented.
  • Operationalizes the responses applied to risks.
  • Guarantees the distribution and execution of activities, managing the effort and deadline of the same.
  • Guarantees that the history of each project is always available.
  • Allows the evaluation of the implemented project and full communication with stakeholders. 

SE RiskSE Risk
  • Manages business and operational risks.
  • Facilitates the identification of process, project, product and asset risks, collaborating for internal environment definition.
  • Allows the elaboration of risk evaluation methods based on quantitative, qualitative and matrix criteria, providing evidence for the organization's appetite for risk and objective setting.
  • Automates the application of risk assessments.
  • Facilitates the identification and evaluation of risk-related controls.
  • Determines the residual evaluation risk, identifying the risk response options and their application.
  • Ensures the continuous monitoring and revision of the risk management process.
  • Guarantees the communication with and easy access to evaluations.
  • Guarantees the recording of the entire risk management process.

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