SE Competence is the definitive solution for the effective management of competencies at your company. The system continuously verifies, notifies and directs employee competencies for the mechanism that monitors the competence assessments within pre-established deadlines.

SE Competence guarantees the periodic planning of assessments of the competencies mapped at the company, thereby optimizing the learning demands and creation of knowledge within the organization. The system incorporates methods for the periodic assessment of the competencies required of human resources, considering aspects related to experience, qualification and the necessary skills for ensuring solid performance during activities related to the functions existing at the organization.

SE Competence offers different management indicators for measuring effectiveness in terms of human resource qualification, which display the level of adequateness of the organization's different areas, indicating those with the highest lack of qualification.

SE Competence ensures the continuous improvement of employees at your company, with increased productivity and the continuous generation of new ideas, guaranteeing improved levels of competitiveness and profitability within the corporate context.

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Parameterization and Determination of Needs

  • Description of the professional profile for the functions existing in the company areas, with the identification of the respective responsibilities, authorities and required competencies.
  • Proficiency scale catalog for competence assessment.
  • Hierarchical competence classification.
  • Catalog of competencies, including objective, proficiency scale for competence assessment, competence assessment items, courses that generate proficiency for the competence, etc.
  • Attachment of any scanned documents on employees and training, such as the Curriculum Vitae, course certificates, diplomas, evaluations, etc.
  • Configuration of the possible proficiency levels for competence assessment.
  • Verification and notification of the competencies required and not yet fulfilled by employees, based on their respective functions within the company.
  • Creation of company organization chart considering the hierarchy relationships between the different existing areas.
  • Employee competence assessment through forms with personalized assessment items for each competence.
  • Complete training and certification history for each employee, informing when each earned his or her degree, the level of study, certificates received and the dates set for recycling training.

Competence Mapping

  • Possibility for organizational competence mapping and competence mapping per process.
  • Competence mapping with the definition of the proficiency level required that is variable by area and function or by process activity, or in other words, each competence can require different proficiency levels for each area and function or process activity.

Competence Assessment Planning

  • Competence assessment planning in configurable calendars – weekly, monthly, annually, etc. – with the automatic display of mapped competencies.
  • Definition of a competence assessment plan, containing the frequency with which the plan will be executed, competence assessment configurations, the competencies that will be assessed, the employees who will be assessed, etc.

Competence Assessment Implementation

  • 360º support and assessment with the types of competence assessment – self-assessment (the employee evaluates him/herself), leader (immediate leader), subordinates (employees who are led by the same) and pairs (employees who are on the same hierarchical level).
  • Possibility of elaborating a development plan for the employee during the competence assessment.
  • Elaboration of a consensus based on the assessments completed, which is automatically generated by the system or elaborated by the immediate leader of each employee.


  • Maintenance of the company’s talent database, displaying the employees who have completed certain training and/or have proven competencies.
  • Possibility to search the history of completed competence assessments using different search filters, such as by employee, area, course, period, effectiveness, etc.
  • Stratification of data on employee competencies and qualifications using different classification parameters such as area, course, employee, competence, period, etc., as well as the presentation of results in spreadsheets or graphs such as Pareto, pie, bar, etc.
  • Calculation of employee qualification level associated with the functions performed, including total results by employee, function or area.

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