In business terms asset management involves maintaining details of company assets, everything from computer hardware, to machine tools, to desks and chairs, to rolling mills, and so on.

A key task for asset management is the process of selecting the right equipment for a particular job, keeping it in working order for as long as possible and replacing it in a well-organized way, producing as little disruption as possible.

SE Asset was designed to help with this key task by maintaining a record of all the assets your company wants to monitor. Hold detailed records of their service schedules, localization, verification, usage, maintenance, and much more.

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SE Asset provides powerful search capabilities that allow you to instantly list and link to assets by category, status, condition, special attributes, and many other fields.  

SE Asset provides several reports covering inventory, maintenance, ownership, location, reservations, usage, downtime, verification, check-in/out status, and much more.

In addition, SE Asset integrates with your enterprise business systems to enable truly strategic balancing of the trade-offs between asset availability and utilization.

Most importantly, SE Asset enables organizations to improve overall quality, and reduce costs and risks associated with a growing number of regulatory compliance and corporate governance processes such as those related to the ISO 9000 Quality Guidelines, Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA 21CFR Part 11 Electronic Record Keeping, Good Manufacturing Practices, OSHA Regulations, and others.

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Asset inventory
Asset Data
Asset Condition Managament
Asset status tracking


  • SE Asset can be tailored to your organization's unique data requirements and business processes.  It operates on multiple platforms and heterogeneous operating systems;
  • Manages all kinds of assets;
  • If configured, asset records can pass through approval process before they become available for use, which improves compliance;
  • System administrators can define which asset categories are visible to each user or groups of users;
  • Changes to any asset record type are documented and controlled ( * );
  • Integrates corrective action data with asset problem management ( * );
  • Automates incident notification relating to CAPAs ( * );
  • Manages data pertaining to CAPAs taken on assets, including problem reports, audit results and failure analysis ( * );
  • Provides detailed calibration and maintenance record on each asset ( * );
  • Supports asset calibration and maintenance activities ( * );
  • Defines and enforces calibration and maintenance intervals for each asset, including automatic generation of work orders ( * );
  • Monitors all assets that need routine maintenance;
  • Tracks asset repair response;
  • Provides asset check-in and check-out resources;
  • Knows exactly what assets are available and how they are used;
  • It's simple to find out which users have what tools assigned to them. The date and time of assignment and return information are also tracked;
  • Shows repair status;
  • Provides a variety of flexible and powerful reports that allows users to analyze company's inventory, maintenance and repair histories, work orders, costs, etc.;
  • Tracks equipment/parts replacement intervals;
  • Monitors equipment uptime and downtime;
  • Provides total equipment utilization;
  • Allows you to control all asset-related documentation such as owner's manuals, configuration settings, lease agreements, warranty certificates as well as pictures of every asset so you know you're always using the latest revision of any documentation;
  • Supports connectivity to any other applications;
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory;
  • Provides powerful search capabilities which allow users to instantly list and link to assets by category, manufacturer, maintenance or warranty expiration, and many other fields;
  •  Supports electronic signatures mandated by the FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11;
  • Runs on all major operating systems and databases such as Windows, Linux, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and Firebird;And much more.

 ( * ) Requires SoftExpert EAM Suite.

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