SE Supply and Rawmaterials Management

SE Supply is a system focused on raw material management that the company uses to complete its tasks. Raw materials can be understood as everything from the basic materials to those used for administrative activities.

SE Supply helps facilitate the management service. It offers controls that allow users to monitor the entire history of warehouse entries and exits, as well as alerts designed to automate the control process.

SE Supply helps streamline teamwork through a powerful mechanism called Team Workflow that controls pending items, automatically notifying those responsible via e-mail when the stock level at the warehouses is low or reaches a safety margin.

SE Supply offers different searches, graphics and reports designed to assist the manager when controlling and monitoring stocks and making decisions.

Through a single central database that stores all information, SE Supply effectively automates warehouse management. In this way, the entire daily work routine completed by the teams is recorded and monitored.

                                                         Supply data

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Supply data
Supply supplier
Supply entry/outpust


Warehouse Control

  • Levels definition access per user;
  • Events control (entries and exits);
  • Definition of minimum stock replacement points;
  • Stock level alerts;
  • Manage multiple inventory locations;
  • Support integration with internal systems;

 Raw Material Management

  • Raw material manufacturers and suppliers definition;
  • List of warehouses for storage;
  • Control of orders and received items;
  • Easily locate inventory items with user-defined filters;
  • Consumable supplying for calibrations and maintenances;
  • Management of supplies assigned to product development
  • Costs control;
  • Ocurrence management;
  • Association of Multiple files controlled documents;

Management Reports and Search Graphics

  • Lists of raw materials per warehouse;
  • Raw material, order and received item transport;
  • Record of entries and exits;
  • Master list of available raw materials and quantities.

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