SE Risk is the ultimate solution for managing corporate risks and continual improvement policies for governance processes. The solution supports risk identification, loss reduction and opportunity maximization for organizational profits and earnings.

SE Risk categorizes risks. It allows evaluation through easy and user-friendly tools and views provides improved performance and effectiveness in the prevention and control of identified risks throughout all company processes.

                 Risk Management, Planning, Identification, Analysis, Action Plan, Risk Monitoring
SE Risk

SE Risk provides a corporative overview throughout all departments for managing company risks and internal controls to display which risks are potential and those which can prevent the fulfillment of organization objectives. Another feature is this evaluation is user-defined as qualitative, quantitative and on risk matrixes.

SE Risk fits into all and any organizational field, which means risk management automatically takes place in your company projects, processes, strategies, consumer safety, property, and hazards.

The requirements, concepts, and methods applied in our system completely meet all demands set in the main standards and worldwide methodologies, such as AS/NZS 4360, ISO 9000, ISO 20000 [ITIL], COBIT, ISO 22000 [HACCP], FDA, PMBOK, SOX, and others.

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Risk repository
Risk assensment
Control activities
Risk monitoring
Risk x activity matrix


Sets up classifications

  • Maps processes in progress, monitors and manages risks throughout all steps and phases.
  • Generates risk management plans and checklists to meet the needs of your organization's standards and reality.
  • Formulates teams responsible for monitoring and managing risks.
  • Sets up several approval routine sequences based on the responsibilities for managing risk plans.

Evaluates Risks

  • Provides three different analysis and evaluation formats (qualitative, quantitative, and risk matrixes).
  • Identifies risks throughout each step or process for analysis and evaluation purposes.
  • Evaluates and attributes severity levels and risk priorities.
  • Presents and monitors an overview of risks uncovered on a managerial dashboard screen.
  • Applies checklists for distinct analysis purposes.
  • Applies decision tree structures for identifying critical control points in processes.

Treats risks

  • Associates work teams, evaluation frequency, and procedures for controlling each type of risk.
  • Attributes corrective actions for minimizing or doing away with occurrences.
  • Displays comparative charts (bar, pie, pareto, etc.) on significant risks, processes where the greatest number of risks, activities, impacts have been present.

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