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SE Portfolio

To effectively manage the organization's portfolios, executives need access to consistent and comparable information associated with all of the company's investment opportunities, whether ideas, projects, products, or any entity that it want to create, plan, schedule, allocate resources to,  analyze, compare, and track. However, ideas and projects are generally spread throughout different departments, in addition, the lack of a consistent, objective and measurable prioritization method, hinders decision making, mostly that related to investments. Consequently, the decisions are always subjective.

SE Portfolio is designed to help organizations identify, prioritize, balance, and manage the mix of initiatives that offers the greatest contribution to its strategic investments.

SE Portfolio helps executives derive prioritization scores and effectively evaluate the competing investments to optimize the application of resources to the highest value opportunities. It allows managers to administer their investment opportunities through evaluations, prioritizations, balancing and approvals, not only for new initiatives, but also for those already underway.


The system allows the user to analyze different scenarios through simulations ensuring that they are working on the right innovation projects in the right strategic areas.

It integrates strategy, finances, operationalization and technology to maximize productivity and assertiveness. SE Portfolio features financial tables that clearly demonstrate how managers can maximize gains and cut costs. The tables can be customized to adjust them to the portfolio, based on the organization's needs. Checklists are applied in the evaluation to boost the level of confidence and quality of the results.

SE Portfolio organizes all the portfolios in a single environment. It offers a significant amount of information through customizable reports and graphs delivering easily accessible portfolio performance data to the entire organization. Integrated business intelligence (BI) software leverages enhanced reporting capabilities.

The seamless integration between SE Portfolio and other SE Excellence Suite components ensures that your initiatives will be efficiently communicated, executed, delivered and tracked. Communicate project, product and strategy managers of the optimal investment portfolio decisions, for planning, executing, delivering and assessing the approved investments. 

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Demand Management

  • Capture, evaluation, and approval of investment requests – ideas, projects, services, incidents, new products, strategic initiatives and investment proposals.
  • All demands evaluated and managed in a centralized environment.
  • Custom approval workflow.

Business Case Construction

  • Planning and assessment of the financial metrics.
  • Scorecard configuration capabilities for evaluation and justification criteria.
  • Evaluation of resource capacity and demand.
  • Custom approval workflow.

Evaluation and Prioritization

  • Evaluation and approval of scenarios.
  • Ranking, decision modeling and prioritization.
  • Progress monitoring, re-evaluation and reprioritization as needed.
  • On-line Forum.
  • Custom approval workflow.

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