Calibration is the process of comparing a measuring instrument with a measurement standard to establish the relationship between the values indicated by the instrument and those of the standard.
İCorrectly performed calibration increases productivity, optimizes resources, and assures consistency, comparability and compatibility of products and services, as well as their acceptability throughout the world.
Calibration management is an essential part of any corporate quality management program, as it provides traceability to standards set by government agencies, and ensures accurate and repeatable performance of the company's instruments.
It is difficult to imagine that anyone would have confidence in the measurements produced by the company's instruments if they did not have a continuous record of traceable calibration. Furthermore, the calibration records must be readily available to all concerned parties including laboratory staff, quality managers, inspectors and auditors, etc.
              Calibration Management, Automates Measurement Gage Management


SE Calibration is one of the most comprehensive web-based software available for scheduling, documenting, planning, analyzing, and managing calibrations on your gages, test equipment, devices, and measurement standards. Users can easily and quickly access all relevant information including:
  • Date of last calibration and calibration due date
  • Complete history of previous calibrations
  • Details of equipment maintenance and repair
  • Operating and calibration procedures
  • Print calibration certificates and forms
  • Equipment details such as type, supplier, and purchase date, etc.
  • The person responsible for the instrument
  • The person who calibrated the instrument
SE Calibration was designed to allow users to set-up, use and maintain their equipment calibration information efficiently and effectively. It stores all the information users need to manage their calibration tasks. It offers easy-to-use filters to quickly get to key equipment information, work flow management tools that track progress, and a reliable auto reminder to ensure that tasks are not overlooked. Users can enter measurement data directly into SE Calibration as well as access commonly used documents linked directly into any equipment or event record.
SE Calibration allows you to easily track all of your calibrations and conduct independent equipment R&R studies. It allows you to track equipment usage, equipment maintenance and repair, equipment requirements, and a complete calibration history. In addition, it helps you save time and gives you complete control over the measurement and test equipment that you use to perform your job.
Most importantly, SE Calibration enables organizations to improve overall quality, and reduce costs and risks associated with a growing number of regulatory compliance and corporate governance processes such as those related to the ISO 9000/9001 Quality Guidelines, QS 9000, ISO-ANSI 17025, ISO 22000, TS 16949, Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA 21CFR Part 11 Electronic Record Keeping, Good Manufacturing Practices, OSHA Regulations, NIST/GUM, among others.

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Calibration Record
Calibration Event
Calibration Execution


  • Automate scheduling of calibrations, maintenance and repairs
  • Support automatic and real-time data acquisition through serial ports, eliminating manual data entry
  • Support Type A and Type B measurement uncertainties
  • Recall management controls with fixed time intervals, real-time usage, maintenance, and repair
  • Identify if gage is used as a calibration standard
  • Choose calibration/maintenance based on frequency or usage
  • Automate calibration procedures
  • Maintain and retrieve master equipment, calibration history and measurement data records
  • Print device/equipment labels
  • Print calibration certificates, reports and labels in electronic format, on paper or both
  • Store all calibration information safely and efficiently
  • Traceability to in-house equipment calibration and Reference (or National) Standards
  • Secure access control for individual users with password protection
  • Record electronic signatures for full traceability of stored results
  • Automatically flag equipment found to be out of calibration, in use, or out for maintenance or repair
  • Automatically schedule calibration and maintenance events and notify users when they're due
  • Capable to integrate with your existing management system
  • Reports can be printed to the screen, a printer, other software packages, or PDF for viewing with a browser
  • Comprehensive selection of several standard reports, forms, and charts
  • Maintain a secure audit trail and standards traceability  

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