SE Waste Management Module

SE Waste Management is an excellent solution to meet your company needs in managing the storage, transportation, and disposal of generated waste by-products; providing added dependability and agility to these specific requirements. The system features an automatic mechanism for managing the complete life-cycle of waste by-products, starting from the generation, processing and finally to their final disposal. Your entire waste generation is registered and monitored by the work teams directly involved in each process.

SE Waste Management automates the collection, storage, transfer, processing, transportation and disposal processes in your company for all your generated waste products; thereby adding increased productivity and effectiveness to your waste management and procedures.

SE Waste Management assures total compliance to environmental regulations, through standardization and organization on all documentation in order to comply with all international, national, state, and municipal legislation. Our solution provides immediate pertinent data retrieval whenever necessary.

SE Waste Management automatically generates data collection forms for recording all essential data on each kind of waste product – destinations, transporters, generator units, etc. – thereby assuring quick data retrieval based on specific sorted categories.

SE Waste Management identifies potential inefficiencies in your industrial operations, making your analysis of generated waste products much more intuitive and thereby effectively monitoring critical control points to measure your operational performance, facilitating in achieving perfect synergy of your company processes and business objectives and thereby guaranteeing a sustainable environmental management model.

It offers compliance to the requirements and international standards, such as ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000 and other demands from environmental legislative bodies, companies must control the manner they deal with their generated waste products, thereby guaranteeing compliance to sustainable environmental standards.

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Waste inventory
Environmental license
Waste destination   



  • Classifies and quantifies the final disposal of waste products.
  • Provides complete records on all generator units.
  • Complete traceability on all transporters data.
  • Classifies and quantifies the final disposal of waste products.
  • Lists all transporters and containers.
  • Manages waste storage and container transfers.


  • Classifies and quantifies the final disposal of waste products.
  • Lists all transporters and containers.
  • Manages waste generation, storage, and transportation.
  • Manages waste storage and container transfers.
  • Automates incoming, processing, and transference of all generated waste products.
  • Generates automatic inventory reports.
  • Manages waste product transportation.
  • Controls environmental permits.
  • Controls generator units.
  • Facilitates your compliance to Environmental Protection Agency regulations.


  • Provides analysis charts (Vertical and horizontal bars, Line, Pizza, and Pareto).
  • Generates managerial views based on any known data.
  • Search for waste products based on a variety of criteria, such as: generator unit, waste type, physical state, hazardous index, etc.
  • Search views and reports providing detailed or summarized information regarding waste management are generated by the system.
  • Records on all generator units.

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